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With AsortCRM, you get the power of two – sales automation and GIS. Using this CRM, you can easily understand and analyze the complete customer lifecycle. AsortCRM helps not only in controlling data leaks but also centralizes the whole communication process. It helps keeping all the integral parts of the business in sync and connected. Plus, a GIS Mapping Dashboard (Esri ArcGIS integration with CRM) providing you powerful GIS tools to visualize your contacts and leads on a map.

AsortCRM takes addresses from your CRM and plots them on a map in the form of pins. With it, you can look at all your leads, accounts and contacts on a map. This will provide you the ability to create business plans based on lead/account/contact locations, for reporting (just click on a pin to get more details), to see what clients are located nearby when you travel for a conference, to make your CRM look cool…the opportunities are endless. And because we are constantly improving our product, future versions of AsortCRM will have even more functionality, such as different colored pins for different types of customers, heat maps, routing, and directions.

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