What Is The Best CRM For Utilities?

CRM For Utilities

Utilities today use several systems designed to help analyze, configure, optimize and maintain their assets along good customer relationship. Systems such as CRM and GIS are a must for any electric or water utility.

Esri ArcGIS is the global leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and the world’s most powerful and trusted mapping and spatial analytics platform to realize new operational efficiencies, identify and mitigate risks, and widen your competitive advantage but when it comes to CRM how would you choose the best CRM for utilities?

CRM for Utilities

Customer relationship management (CRM), for Gas or Electric or Water utilities, is a must if utilities are looking for competitive advantage in a multi-channel customer environment. Typical relational databases, spreadsheets, have to this point served as the available means of organizing the massive amounts of data involved in associating asset and inventory, customer account management, and customer order data.

An utilities CRM gives companies the opportunity to organize vast quantities of data central to customer contact management in one place that is accessible by all departments.

GIS for Utilities

Utilities today must use information effectively, and foster collaboration with all their stakeholders. A minute without power inconveniences customers and reduces revenues. Therefore, utilities use GIS mapping and analytics tools to identify vulnerabilities before a failure occurs. They use GIS to optimize the utility asset management, planning and designing the network expansion. GIS is becoming very important in utility operations

What Is The Best CRM For Utilities?

Utilities CRM solution should provide out-of-the-box CRM functionalities for supporting specific utilities sector operations such as tools that can track customer interactions, upsell to customers, perform analytics on customer data to prioritize leads, and optimize the maintenance response time.

Winning in the highly competitive utilities market requires streamlined operations, fast reaction to market changes, quick deployment of innovative products and superior customer service while keeping operational costs low.

Extracting the maximum value from GIS requires more than just publishing map layers to a web-mapping site. GIS delivers real value when integrated with an enterprise’s traditional line-of-business data and applications such as CRM.

The best CRM solution for utilities is the one that provides out-of-the-box integration with other systems such as Esri ArcGIS. The ability to provide integration between the customer data and the utilities network and assets is a technological innovation.

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